Would you lend us money if we offered you up to 12 times your investment?

Here is your chance to take advantage of our fantastic innovation, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it has created! (Capital at risk)

How do we plan to make money?

We aim to generate revenue and profit from at least one of the following: advertising, patent licensing, commission paid for subcontracting services, or sales. By sales, we mean the sale of OTEC or SWAC equipment; and the sale of electricity, desalinated water, cold water, bottled water, and cooling power; and the sale of services.

Who is going to lend us money?

We're thinking of people looking for Christmas gifts and birthday presents, as well as serious investors.

 We can’t yet borrow from banks. We have nothing to offer as security. Therefore we must offer high returns to investors. Our system is very similar to one used by venture capital firms. Here are some great advantages:

  1. We don’t have to pay tax on money lent. 
  2. We don’t have to keep selling and reordering shareholdings.
  3. We would not sell £10 worth of shares.
  4. You can turn this investment into a great present for someone. They can enjoy the excitement of a future capital gain!
  5. Every £ lent can be as much as doubled by grants and rebates.

What’s the matter with this offer? We’ve had a long think about it. What’s your opinion? If you don’t like it, what could we change? Please let us know!

No use lending us £100?

Think again.

We don’t need a lump sum to make progress. No one thing we need is very expensive.
£40 buys us either of the following: one hour of first-rate engineering, or as many as 160 newsletter subscribers.
£100 would grant one year of UK patent renewal fees.
£200 would pay for at least one video, press release, or media list.
£500 would pay for a day’s worth of engineering and design by a former director of the Rolls Royce gas turbine division.
£2000 could buy us either one of the following: five days of top level engineering, or a month’s worth of data mining.
£5000 will buy us either one of the following: a site-specific wave assessment, or 12.5 days of top level engineering.
£20,000 would buy any one of: two million emails, at least one full-size heat exchanger, a complete gas turbine design, or 75% completion of the platform design by Cruz Atcheson.

What’s more?
We are eligible for all kinds of grants and rebates. Every pound you invest could be as much as doubled by the government, one way or another. (Capital at Risk)