Lend £100, make up to £1200


Lend us £100 – Make up to £1200 – Capital at risk.


How do we plan to make money?

We aim to generate revenue and profit from at least one of the following:

Advertising. Patent licencing – or sale. The sale of OTEC or SWAC equipment.

The sale of electricity, desalinated water, cold water, bottled water, cooling power.

The sale of services. Commission paid for subcontracting services.

What are you going to do with the investment?

The funds will be used to create the right environment for a successful business.
For example we will invest in:
A public following.
Customer leads.
The parts for a working SWAC demo, and a working OTEC demo.
Marketing materials.
If we raise enough funding or makes sales we would aim to buy OTEC units and sell electricity to utilities, rather than simply sell and lease units to private end users.
We aim to generate £130k per annum gross profit per unit at our target price, which is the same as the lease price.
Discounts on purchases of over two units are possible.


About our early bird offer..

Basically, if we do ok, lenders do ok.
If we make a tonne of money, lenders make a tonne of money.
We have terms and conditions, and a company number, so our offer is legally binding once we’ve completed the order.
We are offering x 12 returns on the first £50,000 raised.

A lender of £50k would make £600k when we reach £3million net profit.

Limited offer


Limited Offer
If we generate:
£300k net profit – we’ll pay you 1.1 x what you paid.
£500k net profit – we’ll pay you 2 x what you paid.
£1 million net profit – we’ll pay you 4 x what you paid.
£1.5 million net profit – we’ll pay you 8 x what you paid.
£3million net profit – we’ll pay you 12 x what you paid.


We would be willing to pay out according to the following elaboration:
A lender of £50k cash receive up to 20% of net profits once.
Investors agree that the maximum return for the £50k lent is 20% of £3million net profit.

If you invest, but don’t want to wait for us to make £3million net profit you can cash out early.
For example:
A lender of £50k can cash out when we make £1million net profit – we will pay them £200k.
£200k is 20 % of £1million. –
If a lender of £50k cashed out when we make £250k net profit they will break even as we will pay them £50k.

The terms are as follows:

  1. Lend us money.
  2. You receive a coupon, along with a receipt including the offer above.
  3. Time passes – We make (£-X) profit.
  4. You return the coupon.
  5. You are paid the return you are due according to the offer.

How do I cash in?

Return the coupon by post.

We pay you the return you are owed.  It’s that simple.
You can check our net. profits online or you can contact us.

What If you raise £50k?

We can repeat the offer on less generous terms.  You can invest again..  In theory we could continue this offer on the same terms forever, we would just increase the net. profit required for x 12 pay-out.  If we did and it became really popular it would be a great way for many people to profit from the reduction in green house gasses, who would not buy shares, or typically invest in clean energy business.

Any questions?

Just chat to us through the blue box or write to us.




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