Hotels, resorts, and other remote locations.

Accessible, clean energy Ideal for off-grid, fossil fuel dependent communities;

Many Hotels, resorts, and other standalone sites, are perfect candidates for ocean thermal energy, having all of the right credentials.  The lack of any fuel cost means that resorts could save 75% plus on their electricity expenses and 90% on air conditioning.

Until now, many more resorts were not so lucky, but only just.  NEW-OTEC has the potential to change this.  The simplicity of installing, and operating small scale, single units offshore means that many more locations can use ocean thermal energy.  What might have been a complex exercise is now obviously straightforward, and low cost.

We are working on crowdfunding, and PR strategies so you can relax about an investment in SWAC or OTEC.  Crowdfunding, and marketing packages can be tailored to bring SWAC, and OTEC to a resort for a low risk .  We have specialist PR agents ready to help.  If you are interested to know more, please get in touch.

Small island nations

Utility-scale installations could be made available now.  Installations would follow existing design, and production standards, so development would be easier than you may think!

NEW-OTEC systems are certainly suitable for many small island nations, and places like Hawaii. Energy prices in these regions are high, and we know OTEC will provide a better solution; not only to remote end users, but to utilities as well. Please contact us if you are interested in investing in a land-based or offshore NEW-OTEC system. Power ranges from 100 kW to 22 + MW. …


Continental: with very little R+D required, we could provide vast utility-scale NEW OTEC systems, suitable for dozens of countries where fossil fuels dominate. Fossil fuel usage could one day literally be completely replaced by NEW OTEC in these countries, and at a price that would appeal to investors as well as end users.

These are 14 MW — 4 MW larger than the largest wind turbine in the world.

With the help of CAD we imagine vast arrays of NEW OTEC systems.

These would be suitable for continents and are designed such that they can be readily mass produced.


What factors affect the cost of OTEC?

Distance from shore: governed by geography and water temperature.

The amount of work required in shallow water: some areas have large shallow areas before the water is deep enough. In some cases this may even make an OTEC installation impossible.

Size of plant: if you double the diameter of a hose, you get four times the volume; large installations will benefit from economy of scale; and tasks that may be too expensive for small scales may not be so on larger scales.