Single onshore unit - £585,000 -

Easy payment plan; 10 instalments of £58,500.

This unit is ideal where distances to shore are favourable.

Hoses are laid to shore; providing a land based unit with deep sea cold water and warm surface water.  This warm and cold sea water is passed through at least one pair of heat exchangers.

A working fluid within the heat exchangers expands and contracts; making it possible to drive a turbine in a continuous, zero emission process.  The unit requires little maintenance and is very small compared to a solar PV farm with the same power output.  Just 5 m2 for 100 kw.

Groups of units can be sold to provide more power.

A single unit will be very similar in size and appearance to the yellow skid mounted heat exchangers shown throughout the site. 

What am I buying?

One pair of heat exchangers.

One turbine, alternator, and casing.

One pair of hoses, and couplings.

One turbo-pump.

Sea water pumps.

An installation service.  

An optional operation and maintenance service. 

Is my site eligible?

For £450, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your site.

What is the planning cost?

For £5000 we will create a detailed site specific action plan.

This will include a site visit.  Get this done to avoid disappointment or long waiting times.

The net result will be our firm conviction of your sites eligibility, Y/N, and a next steps ‘action plan’ based on your sites particulars.

What are the advantages?

Low space requirement – 5 m2 compared with 5 acers of solar PV.

Heat exchangers are robust with operating lifetimes of 30 years.

Simple maintenance requirements on a few small parts.

Fire and forget.

Sign a lease agreement and risk nothing until the system is working for you.