Buy now for £585,000 (Excluding transmission cables)

Lease for £1000 per Kw - per annum - (Including transmission cables) - 260 Kw minimum.

The offshore unit is ideal where distances to shore or planning restrictions make onshore developments less favourable.

Groups of units can be installed together providing more power.  The offshore unit has the advantage of only requiring a small cable to be laid to shore, ideal for sensitive areas.  The single units have simple moorings and do not require the same design rigours as the larger offshore platforms.  The unit is simply placed into a suitable casing and provided with transmission and telematics to shore.  The unit can be submerged so that there is much less risk of damage from storms and boats.

An operation and maintenance service can be included in a purchase agreement.

What am I buying?

One pair of heat exchangers.

One turbine, alternator, and casing.

One pair of 600 mm hoses, and couplings.

One turbo-pump.

A transmission system to shore.  (Lease only)

A mooring system.

An optional operation and maintenance service.

Am I elgible? -

For £450 - we can check your sites eligibility in detial.

Site survey -

For £7500 we can complete the groundwork required to create a detailed site specific 'action plan'.

This will include a site visit and Met ocean analysis.

What are the advantages?

No land required.

24-7 clean energy – no fuel cost.

High chance of site eligibility.

Very low environmental impact.

Fire and forget…

Sign a lease agreement and we can take care of the rest.

You can work out what you want to do with the extra cash you have pouring in.