• OTEC is a very promising technology for a host of reasons.
  • SWAC is a tremendously simple technology that can offer enormous savings.
  • LTTD has fantastically low maintenance requirements and uses relatively little energy to desalinate water.
  • The rigid pipe is exclusively responsible for the lack of development in OTEC, SWAC, and LTTD!
  • If a replacement for the pipe could be found that could be demonstrated to be cost effective on a small scale, investors would invest.
  • There would be no further obstacle to cost-effective OTEC. OTEC could lead the transformation to green energy.

Hose-based OTEC

The use of a turbo pump makes it possible to use hoses without any need to use electric motors in deep water. Hoses are very much easier than pipes to install. Hoses are most interesting offshore and on small scales, where their obvious practical advantages make them the only sensible choice.

Hoses are used extensively in offshore oil, gas, and mining pursuits. They are flexible, and we have demonstrated the ease with which 30 cm hoses can be installed at sea. Hoses can be coiled, and transporting and joining them together is much more efficient than transporting and joining pipes, due to the latter’s rigid lengths. We demonstrated this system with great ease. We were able to demonstrate this was possible using similar off-the-shelf technology within three weeks of conception. This speaks volumes about just how practical this system is. Later, we conducted a pilot study of hose installation. The hoses unraveled like rope.

The submersible water-driven pump system

What’s so good about the delivery method?

The new method makes it possible to use hoses to deliver deep ocean water. Hoses massively simplify the deployment of long lengths of tubing. Thus we can offer low cost, small-scale OTEC, SWAC, and LTTD systems.


• NEW OTEC is now cost effective on small scales, meaning that opportunities for smaller projects with much lower investments are now possible.
• OTEC and SWAC developments are now in crowdfunding range.

Large diameter hoses



Small island nations are our core market area. These islands are the best locations in the world for OTEC, thus sitting on “a clean energy oil well.” Existing OTEC plants are not readily suitable for these small islands. Our new range of products is.


Institutional investors must see “bankability” before investing. Bankability is fundamentally important to their profession. It is very important that what is being developed is low cost and is at least in some way demonstrable, or that you have expert assistance. We have both. Due to our design, we can move comfortably from a single unit to large-scale installations. Growth can happen quickly.