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Met. Ocean Wave assessment.

An ideal depth can be calculated using met. ocean data which would provide insight into the typical wave forces in the area.  With assistance from Cruz Atcheson we can provide this service for just £5000.  Not all marine engineering will cost the earth, be sure you have the right facts before dismissing a development in your area.

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The beauty of the submerged system lies in the simplicity of the natural forces calculations due to the lack of contradicting wave motions over time.

Site location Met ocean wave forces / Platform area =   Super insightful data for a low cost.  

The platform should be a perfect mate for the local environment.

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What’s so great about offshore OTEC and New-OTEC?

Located off the shore of every continent except Europe, is a clean energy equivalent of an oil field.  All in all the resource is worth $trillions, and is apparently ‘renewable’ up to 14 TW.  The distance from shore in many cases is quite large.  Large enough to be prohibitive on a small scale.  Large scale OTEC platforms are notoriously expensive.

Our new-otec platform is an innovative series of concepts and designs which are free from many of the traditional problems associated with OTEC.  The most significant features are the small power units, the common water supply and that the platform is submerged below the sea surface.

Wave forces

An ideal depth can be calculated using met ocean data which would provide insight into the typical wave forces in the area.  If you are interested in finding out about our platform and wave forces in your area, which is an ideal starting point to a real installation then please get in touch.  With assistance from Cruz Atcheson we can provide this service for just £5000!

The low cost of this exercise highlights a common misconception regarding offshore work.  Much of it is so mainstream that prices are very competitive.  Believe it or not this is a theme which runs throughout the new-otec industry.

The OTEC units are as cheap as chips! 

The OTEC units use mass produced parts, as a result they are not expensive.  In our opinion and perhaps obviously if you consider the offshore platform cost, traditional OTEC and the floating offshore platform ruins this fact.

New-OTEC can follow offshore oil and gas design standards.

Get in touch to take a look at our preliminary standards review by Cruz-Atcheson.

Our patent 

Our existing patent uses a turbine to drive a pump and it preferably uses the waste cold water generated by the OTEC system to drive the turbine.  The turbine and pump are placed at the bottom of our system in the deep-sea area.  Placing the pump at the bottom makes the use of hoses possible.

Our vision for offshore OTEC

At least one of four main problems can be avoided with an appropriate design.

  1. Rigid pipes.
  2. Floating surface installations where wave forces escalate expenses.
  3. Very large heat exchangers.
  4. Very large, and expensive offshore structures meaning that the investment required is over $500 million.


Our sense of the preferable features required for the lowest cost offshore platforms;

A modular OTEC platform comprises at least one OTEC power unit.  The OTEC power units are sealed so that they can be placed underwater.  Large numbers of OTEC units can be efficiently grouped together.  The units can be used alone as single units on or offshore.  The units are preferably buoyant.  The units are provided warm and cold sea water through communal compartments.  Since the compartments are large and underwater pumping losses can be minimum and the type of pumps required can change favourably.

Small, manageable power units can be used.  Each cassette can be removed or added into a slot / berth.  These units will look very similar to the yellow heat exchangers shown on the left and can be the same as the single onshore and offshore unit.

Platforms of different size can be created simply by lengthening the frame and widening the diameter of the hoses.

A large diameter hose, pipe etc. can be used to deliver the water.  The platform would work for all cold-water delivery methods.

An electrical connection is provided with the berth.  A means of securing the cassette to the berth is also provided.  The cassette can be joined to a winch and electrical connection and hydraulic connection both for the power it produced and power used.

The various sections of the platform are removeable for convenience.

Hydraulic or electrical pumps can be provided preferably these are also contained within the cassette rather than on the platform.

All pumping equipment may be held in each heat exchanger cassette thus if any part which has a direct relation with the operation of the heat exchanger power unit can be maintained / fixed by removing the single OTEC cassette.

The platform can be fitted with vents and valves which are controllable.  These may be required on starting up the system or when shutting down.

What next for New-otec offshore?

The OTEC unit would preferably be sold as single units first to gain performance data.

Then we can know the exact size of the unit and we can test the OTEC unit integrity and operational capabilities prior to any large investment.

These platforms can be then designed to well known offshore oil and gas standards with the assistance of Cruz Atcheson.

Installation of hoses and a platform could be conducted without OTEC units making the platform very low cost.  We would ascertain what kind of installation techniques can be used and the type of mooring required.

Fully operational systems can then be installed.

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